• The Indispensable Illustrator, by Alex Mathers
  • The Indispensable Illustrator, by Alex Mathers
  • The Indispensable Illustrator, by Alex Mathers


    Here’s How to Greatly Add Value to Your Illustration Business, Stand Out, and Become a ‘MUST’ for clients, Through 7 Key Steps.

    Alex Mathers reveals what he knows to be an in-demand illustrator, by making a few small adjustments. 

    "Alex is the most generous author I've read. So much stuff condensed in this book, stuff that I have not read in other books." ~ Andy, Amazon reader

    This is a guide that will make you a better illustrator in all areas.

    What I will show you is based on my nine years developing my skills as an illustrator. I did not go to a creative college, nor did I take any formal classes in marketing or selling.

    I taught myself how to develop a strong illustration style, increase my value in all areas, and get seen. My real world experiences, working with the crappiest clients, right up to the best, including Mars, the BBC, Wired Magazine and Saatchi & Saatchi, was my school.

    It took me seven years from knowing zilch and having no portfolio to being hired by Google in Mountain View as an illustrator on contract in 2012.

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    From my other guide: 'How to Get Illustration Clients':-

    "Mind blown. I'm already on my second reading. One of the things I learned was the importance of following up. Fortune is made in the follow up. 

    I took Alex’ s advice and made a follow up to an unanswered email to a key decision maker. I now have a meeting scheduled with a potential new client next week. This guide applies to any business."

    Kris Kitelinger

    ‘The Indispensable Illustrator’ takes you through the seven areas of your business that require awareness in order to deliver the very best service in a way that people will consider you absolutely vital to what they need. 

    “Alex has mastered the methods for effective self promotion in the creative world.” 

    ~ Scott Belsky, Founder: Behance, 99u 

    Here is a preview of what you'll learn:

    • How to nurture and hone a powerful mindset that will determine your success and magnetise clients to you and your work. 
    • What exactly in your artwork that will attract people and what to change. 
    • How to aim your product to a well-suited audience, so that you make the best impression, and convert sales. 
    • How to tweak your online presentation to turn prospects into paying clients. 
    • What to do exactly to bring a human element to your brand so that you become irresistible to prospects.
    • How I maximise how credible I appear to prospects to massively increase the chance of being hired. 

    So whereas 'How to Get Illustration Clients' was a guide on how to market your business, this is a guide on how to increase your value in line with the best clients so that their decision to work with you is a no brainer. 

    The guide is also packed with advice from illustration agents and notes on exactly what they are looking for.

    This book is for illustrators and graphic artists, though any independent creative professional and freelancer will benefit.

    What others are saying:

    “Alex has provided some of the most valuable and constructive help and advice I’ve received in my career to date. 

    The biggest and most practical benefit for myself was to figuring out how to build a simple client management system, based on Alex’s methods and then how to put that system into practice." 

    ~ Sam Octigan, Illustrator, Fine Artist 

    “Once you start to really implement Alex's strategies you WILL see results. 

    I now feel that I have the confidence to really move my business forward and that is all down to Alex’s insights and deep knowledge of the modern and fast moving industry that we find ourselves working in." 

    ~ Tom Redfern, Illustrator 

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