• How to Get Illustration Clients, by Alex Mathers
  • How to Get Illustration Clients, by Alex Mathers
  • How to Get Illustration Clients, by Alex Mathers

    The proven, step-by-step guide for attracting dream clients consistently.

    ...Even if you hate sleazy marketing and don't know where to start.

    “Since using Alex's guide, I have been making connections that have lead to new projects and a renewed energy to be in business for myself.” 

    ~ Molly Zakrajsek, Illustrator

    Having worked for myself as an illustrator for over nine years now, I've experienced the highs of being hired, but I'm all too familiar with long, frustrating periods of not getting any client work whatsoever. 

    Early on in my illustration career, I was always uncomfortable with the idea of selling myself. I just wanted to create beautiful things and make good money from it. When no work was coming in, I’d lose confidence and I’d suffer financially.

    Many of the illustrators that I've worked with one-to-one have echoed similar frustrations.

    I've spent over the last five years coming up with a way to most effectively win new client work and actually succeed as an illustrator.

    I've failed miserably, but I've also seen big successes, working with companies like Google, Mars, Kraft, the BBC, and Wired Magazine, and I now make a great living as an illustrator.

    ‘How to Get Illustration Clients’ is a concise, step-by-step guide showing you exactly what I’ve learned in order to win ideal clients consistently.

    “Alex has mastered the methods for effective self promotion in the creative world.” 

    ~ Scott Belsky, Founder Behance, 99u

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    Here is a preview of what you'll learn:

    • How to identify your target, dream client.
    • How to stand out to those dream clients.
    • How to build a valuable, buzzing network of people that will create ongoing work opportunities into the long term.
    • Where to find those clients and how to attract them to you.
    • How to generate new projects quickly, if you are struggling.
    • How to further bring attention to your brand in a way that cuts through the noise and gets you noticed.
    • How to maintain consistent work over the long run.

    This book is for illustrators and graphic artists, though any independent creative professional and freelancer will benefit immensely from this.

    What others are saying:

    “Alex has provided some of the most valuable and constructive help and advice I’ve received in my career to date.

    The biggest and most practical benefit for myself was to figuring out how to build a simple client management system, based on Alex’s methods and then how to put that system into practice." 

    ~ Sam Octigan, Illustrator, Fine Artist

    “Once you start to really implement Alex's strategies you WILL see results.

    I now feel that I have the confidence to really move my business forward and that is all down to Alex’s insights and deep knowledge of the modern and fast moving industry that we find ourselves working in."

    ~ Tom Redfern, Illustrator

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